What are Take-it-Home events? 

Take-it-Home events are parent-child interactive workshops where the parent(s) and child come together and learn/explore a faith skill that they can continue to develop in the home.
What is the purpose of a T-I-H event?

  1. To inspire families to want to do the faith skill at home through biblical teaching and personal testimonies
  2. Show families how to do the faith skill in an active learning manner that has them experience doing the faith skill together as a family
  3. Equip families to continue doing the faith skill in their home by providing resources that will enable them to do so

Why are we doing them?

Because there are two powerful influences on the planet - the church and the home.  They both exist because God initiated them.  If they work together they can potentially make a greater impact than if they work alone.  They need each other.  Reggie Joiner,  "Think Orange".

We want to partner with parents!