Ministry Safe at HHAC

It is the responsibility of Harvest Hills Alliance Church (HHAC) to provide a safe and secure environment for the children and youth participating in all Church activities. We have a spiritual, moral, and legal obligation to do everything necessary in an effort to protect the children and youth, the Ministry Leaders, the volunteers and the Church. The harmful effects on the credibility of the Church ministry and the name of Christ make it essential that the Church take all appropriate steps to operate above reproach.

Everyone who teaches, helps, or cares for children and youth in association with HHAC is required to understand and follow the guidelines and procedures as defined in our Ministry Safe Document. Frequent, scheduled review occurs to maintain constant effectiveness and improvement. These guidelines and procedures have been adopted as official operating policy for HHAC by the board of elders and as such are expected to be followed. The purpose of this policy is to provide a safe environment for the children, youth and leadership, both volunteer and paid. 

For more information regarding ministry safe please contact Pastor Janice Guenther (