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International Work

Spreading the Good News of Jesus around the world is at the heart of what the Christian and Missionary Alliance does. We want to be part of that passion and send out workers, both short term and long term, to other cultures to share the love of Christ.

Syrian Refugees

Operation New Home

In response to the Syrian refugee crisis we are happy to welcome a persecuted Christian refugee family and individual into our community and our hearts. Over the past year we have been working hard making plans and preparations. It is our ardent desire that as they face much upheaval and change they will arrive in Canada to caring friends who are ready to serve them by helping them acclimate and grow comfortable in their new surroundings.

We are committed to helping our new friends both financially and personally with whatever they need to make Canada their new home so please cover this project with prayer that God will provide everything we need to show them the best of our faith and culture.

There are opportunities to be involved in this project by giving and/or volunteering on one of our 10 care teams. To view descriptions and to sign-up on a care team please use our online community tools.

Short-term Teams

There are currently no short-term teams planned.

Long-term Work

Global Advance Fund

Support for long-term international work is provided through the Global Advance Fund. This fund supports Alliance workers all over the world whether they are planting churches, meeting spiritual or physical needs, or advocating for the underprivileged. Living expenses for Alliance international workers are provided by the Global Advance Fund. See more at