What We Offer


We believe that we are created to worship God and to glorify and praise Him with our voices, our actions, and our lives. Part of our worship on Sundays includes a time of singing praise and worship to God, and as such, there are opportunities to serve in this area:

  • Orchestra: Although we don't utilize an orchestra on a regular basis, there are opportunities at Christmas and Easter to serve in this capacity. Our annual Christmas Eve services incorporate orchestral scores for prelude and congregational singing. Practices will begin in mid-November. Orchestration scores are intermediate to advanced.
  • Drama: We look forward to adding more drama and sketches to Sunday mornings as well as other special events. If you like to act/write and have a passion for this ministry, we'd love to have you on our team.
  • Worship Teams: We have a rotating schedule of worship teams at HHAC who are committed and passionate about worship, as well as honing their skill as musicians. Involvement in worship teams includes an audition/interview process, and a formalized committment to a Godly lifestyle and accountability to other team members. If you are a skilled musician/vocalist and wish to pursue being involved on a worship team, please call the church office at 403-226-0990 to set up an appointment.

More information about any or all of the above ministries can be obtained by contacting our Worship Pastor, Sherry Brown, at sherry@hhachurch.com or by phoning 403-226-0990 x106.


The other side of worship ministries involves the technical area. This includes sound, Mediashout, lighting crew, and video operation/production. These areas, although technical, work closely with the musical side of the Worship Ministries.

  • Sound: If you're passionate about worship and have a good ear for music, but are a better technician than musician, running the sound board is a great way to be involved. Specialized training and mentorship is provided and this key area is an integral part of the worship teams. Typically sound techs serve on a once-a-month rotation.
  • EasyWorship: EasyWorship is the program we use for the visual production of song lyrics and videos on the projector screens each week. If you're computer savy, creative, and have an eye for detail, we would love to have you be involved with worship ministries in this capacity. Media operators also serve on a once-a-month rotation.
  • Lighting Operators: We are always looking for individuals interested in operating a lighting board and being part of the lighting crew. Christmas Eve and other special events hold additional opportunities for those who would like to serve as a lighting/production assistant.
  • Video Production/Operation: If you're interested in camera work, this is the place for you. If you are creative and passionate about visual media, we would love to have you join us at the ground floor of this ministry.

For more information about any of the above mentioned technical ministries related to worship, please contact Pastor Sherry Brown, sherry@hhachurch.com for more information.