What We Offer


When you need a special prayer

If you would like prayer, contact the church office at 403-226-0990 or email at

Within hours, you can be assured that many people are praying for you! Our prayer chain consists of a group of praying people who are connected through email. They are ready to pray for those in our church congregation when they are facing difficult circumstances. When a request is received by phone or email, it is immediately sent out to these people who are committed to join together in prayer.

As a congregation

We are convinced that our loving, personal God answers prayer. We encourage every Life Group in our church to spend part of their time together in prayer. We have a group that meets weekly with the primary goal of praying for international workers. Our church staff meets twice a week for prayer. At the end of each Sunday service we invite people to come forward for prayer. Every Wednesday evening we invite the church to come together to pray.

Do you get the impression that we believe prayer is important? You are right! We depend on God to answer prayer.

Understanding prayer

What happens when we pray is a mystery. We cannot entirely understand prayer because we are talking to our infinite God and His ways are beyond us. However, even with our limited understanding, we pray because God invites us to pray, Jesus taught us to pray, and the Bible contains many prayers. God challenges us to meet some conditions of prayer such as faith, obedience, submission to his will, praying selflessly, etc. If we are praying in faith and living a life of obedience to God, we can be assured that He hears us and He will answer. However, just as a small child does not always receive the answer from her parents that she may want, so it is with us. When you pray, keep that image in mind - a child aged 3 or 4, bringing requests to a parent. As our loving heavenly Father, He sometimes answers our prayers:

  • No - He knows it is better not to provide the thing for which we have asked.
  • Slow - the answer is yes, but not as quick as we want.
  • Grow - we need to do without in order that we grow spiritually.
  • Go - the answer is yes, right away.