History of HHAC


On April 13, 1980, 65 people from Foothills Alliance Church and First Alliance Church in Calgary met in a school to begin a new congregation. In June of that year they welcomed their first pastor, Bruce Rushton.

When Bruce left in 1983, the congregation called Pastor Anthony Wookie who led the church from 1983 to 1993. As the church grew, our present site of five acres was purchased and the original building was completed and occupied in June 1988. At that time there were no houses in the Hills communities. In fact, the nearest neighbor was a farmer, and occasionally cows ambled up to our building. Over the next decade, the community developed all around our building and our congregation continued to grow.

From 1994 to 2005, Pastor Errol Rempel led the church. During this time of growth, the need for additional space became very evident. In 2000, our education addition was completed. In 2003 we commissioned our associate pastor, Bob Thorne, to lead a number of our people in planting a daughter congregation, Northpoint Church.

Pastor Nelson Annan joined our family in 2006 and led years of continued growth until 2011 when he and his wife accepted God's call to pastor in Vietnam. In 2011, our current Lead Pastor, Myron Siemens, moved from Devon, Alberta.

We are grateful to God for the pioneers who laid the foundation for our healthy congregation. Many people have served faithfully and given sacrificially over the years. The present Harvest Hills Alliance congregation is indebted to them for what we have become.